The moment in which a father sees his daughter in her wedding gown for the first time and he wraps his arms around her. The moment when the emotions of this same father are written on his face by the first tear drop trickling down his cheek. The moments, the little gestures, the emotions are all of the things I try to capture on the day that you have dreamt about since you were a little girl. A day on which you want nothing more than everything to be perfect and will remember forever. Later in life, you may be sitting with your child on your lap, looking at the photographs from the day on which you were the center of attention. You will be so proud to show them and tell them the story behind each of the photographs. Each one of them has a story behind them. A beautiful story about two people that love each other and that will be alongside one another forever. It is my duty as a wedding photographer to capture this day and your love story. This is for you and for your future generations.
As a wedding photographer in Chicago, I have always put a huge focus on the moments between moments. Maybe the fact that I was a photojournalist for many years has helped me hone in on my ability to anticipate these particular moments. They are the moments that more often than not go unnoticed because they are not the main focus.
Last but not least is the most important aspect of a photograph. It is the one element that a photograph cannot exist without. It has the ability to change that photograph from ordinary to extraordinary. THE LIGHT! I am not referring to the amount of light. I am referring to the quality of the light. Light is what has the ability to change a photograph. It makes what makes it a photograph.
Portrait of a bride and groom outside at a wedding in ChicagoThis is a Silhouette of a Bride and Groom taken at sunset in ChicagoPortrait of two brides holding hands during sunset at Bull Valley Golf ClubChicago Wedding Photography - Portrait of a bride inside of Chicago Palmer HouseWedding DressPortrait of a Bride posing on the stairs inside a Hilton Palmer House ChicagoBlack and white portrait of a Bride and Groom outside using natural light in ChicagoPortrait of the groom getting ready near a window at a wedding in Chicago.Portrait of bridesmaids preparing for the next photo at Bull Valley Golf ClubA married couple talking near a window after a wedding ceremony in ChicagoA wedding guest smiles during a ceremony at a wedding in Chicago."Chicago Wedding Photographer", "Chicago Wedding Photography", "Photographers in Chicago", Photography, "Photojournalistic Wedding Photography Chicago", "Professional Photographer"A married couple talking near a window at married In Unity ChicagoA flower girl in a white dress dancing at a wedding in ChicagoTwo engraved champaign wedding  glasses used for the first toast.The venue ballroom of Cafe la Cave Restaurant before the receptionPortrait of a bride and a groom walking on the railroad tracksA bride preparing for the wedding in ChicagoA mother and a bride seeing each other for the first time on the wedding dayDetails of a cake during the reception at the wedding in Chicago

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