I believe that a great photograph should tell a story. Moments, expressions, gestures and feelings are what I try to capture in every single photograph, which in turn tell the story.  Producing a good photograph is all about how light is used. I have spent endless hours understanding the many dimensions of light. I strongly believe that the story behind the photograph along with light is what creates the forever memory that I offer to my clients.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism in Romania.  After a couple of years into my career, I realized I was definitely in the right place. Everything was as I thought it was meant to be until the day that a good friend asked me to help photograph a wedding. That is when I fell in love with everything about photography. From that point on, I dove head first into educating myself all about the art of photography. It has been more than 13 years since then and I have never looked back.
The forever memories I capture for my clients are an art and a passion that I could not live without.