Portrait of a bride and groom outside at a wedding in ChicagoToday is all about youThe Wedding Day. As a bride you have dreamt about this day since you were a little girl. You dreamt every detail. From your wedding dress, to the place in which you would dance for the first time as husband and wife, to the way it would feel to have your father walk you down the aisle. Years have passed by. Some details may have changed, but the one constant is your dream of being dressed in white at the altar marrying your best friend. Today that dream becomes a reality. This is your day, as a bride and a couple. On this day all of the attention is given to you. You are at the happiest point in your life and you are praying that all of the details are executed and achieved perfectly. Emotions, tears, smiles. You go through each one of these one at a time and some all at once. You hope that every detail of today is engraved in your mind. You want to be able to tell your children and grandchildren the story of love which lead up to this day. You want to describe every detail to the perfection in which they were executed. Your wedding photographs are what you will use to tell your story.

Capture their connection

As a wedding photographer, I always try to make myself invisible and be out of the way when photographing a couple's special day. It is their day, not mine. Even when I am photographing their portraits, I try not to get involved too much. I want to capture them as naturally in love as possible. This is one of many photos of this kind that I try to capture at every wedding I photograph. I haven't given them any direction as far as how to pose or what to say to one another. I must capture their connection, and the way it happens naturally. Years from now when the newlyweds are looking through their wedding photos, I want them to remember what they whispered to one another and not the way I would have had them pose. This is what I try to capture in every photo. The reality, connection, sentiments and bond that the bride and groom share. This is a day that will pass, but they will always remember it. When they look at their wedding photographs I hope they say, "This was a day……".

Chicago Wedding and Family Portrait Photographer  |  Cristian Pop
Chicago Wedding Photography | As a Chicago wedding photographer, the moments between moments and the light are two things I search for at every wedding.  Combined, these tell the story of the day you have dreamt of since you were a little girl.  It is your wedding day.  You have thought about and planned this day so many times that you lost count.  Your wish for this day is simply perfection.  You have carefully selected your wedding dress and the location in which you and your future husband will exchange vows and join your hearts as one.  The venue in which you will cherish the first dance you share with your new husband.  That special day has now passed.  The excitement and anxiety of the day subsided but the memories are forever engraved in your mind.  As time passes you may start to forget certain aspects of that day and what saves you are the photographs from your special day.  They will rekindle the memories you have of that wonderful day. 
As a former photojournalist and now a wedding photographer in Chicago, I will guarantee that the moments between moments from that day will be captured in photographs as forever memories.  These happen only once and they are moments that may never return.  It's my responsibility to capture them for you and your future generations to come.  It would be an honor for me to witness and photograph this day for you.  If you would like wedding pricing information please click here.
Chicago Family Portrait Photography |  I am sure that you have wished many times that you had portraits of your family hanging on a wall in your home or on the mantle and even on your desk at work.  The family portrait must include the innocent and beautiful smile on the face of your beautiful children.  As a Chicago family portrait photographer, I strive to capture those moments in which the deep family bond between members of the family is very evident.  Whether I am photographing a family portrait or a family event, I always ensure that I have found and am using the correct lighting.  This is the first and most important thing about a photograph.  Light is what makes the photograph.  It is what makes a photograph great.  I have photographed many family portraits and it would be an honor to photograph yours as well.  You can find details regarding family portrait pricing here.

Chicago Pet PhotographyFor me, photographing pets is simply an enormous pleasure.  I love animals greatly.  They are cute, funny and want to play and have fun ALL day long.  Every pet parent would love to have photographs with their dog or cat child.  As a Chicago pet photographer, the relationship between the human parent and their child pet as well as the pet's individual personality are the most important things for me to capture on film.  For information about pet photography pricing, click here.